Zen Chang Tchao is a painter born in Paris in 1973.
A number of personal exposition in France, regular collective expositions at the Grand Palais, and paintings in private collections, mainly in USA and England.

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In his work, Zen Chang Tchao is interested in relations of submission (tension), and the fight of a person against the opressing  social system in which he is living. He is searching in his traditions,  personal points of reference to which he opposes  the exernal world's manipulation, and  his main values
-information and digital langage
Zen Chang Tchao creates a unic code with it's own logic, as an alternative to a whole chaotic digital technology
This way, the artist tries to resist the destruction brought by the system, to slow down his speed, to understand the complexity of the present and with his own personnal emotional experience finds the structure, thick and dense,  black and white histograms starts to act as mathematiques formulas, as a way of analysis, and their positions in the image is the result of long and difficult path towards a fragile harmony, the reflection when the artist finds his answer, this perfect and rare balance.
At any moment  this fragile harmony can be destroyed, changed into chaos, coming out from the frame of a painting , but the moment which holds it, brings the force and energy to face the reality, an emotional and intellectual tension which bear a therapeutic and critical function of the reality, becomes a true action for the artist.

The multiplicity of lines becomes signs which punctuate the space and form a vibrant writing akin to the calligraphy.